Our mission is to prepare for the return of Jesus by producing evangelism & discipleship resources focused on Bible prophecy, church history, and spiritual formation.

To pursue this goal, we publish books, post digital media content, and create high-quality online courses. We also plan to use these materials within the context of on-ground evangelistic outreaches, Bible studies, community events, conferences, and teaching within local churches & messianic congregations in the future. 


Shiloh Media was founded in 2016 by Travis M. Snow, under the ministry name Voice of Messiah. Though our name has changed, since the beginning we have been committed to developing outreach and teaching materials that will edify God’s people and reach those outside the faith. In terms of specifics, we focus on topics we believe will (1) help believers understand biblical eschatology (i.e, the end times), (2) reach Israel and the nations with the Good News, and (3) strengthen the doctrinal & spiritual foundations of the Body of Messiah.


Travis M. Snow, Founder & President:

Travis holds a BA in Jewish Studies from The Moody Bible Institute and a MDiv in Biblical Studies from the Regent University School of Divinity. He has been involved in evangelism and teaching the Bible since 2004, and he now oversees the day-to-day operations of Shiloh Media, including the various writing and outreach projects that fall within the scope of this ministry. A native Texan, Travis lives in Dallas with his wife Tali, a Messianic Jewish believer, and young daughter Siona.

Derrick Dugan, Board Member: 

Derrick completed his MBA in Finance and Real Estate at the University of Texas at Dallas. He currently works as a consultant for a financial lending institution. 

Dominic Sylvester, Board Member: 

Dom has a MS in Finance & Digital Innovation from Bentley University and many years of experience working with Fortune-500 companies. He is also a CPA who currently works as the manager of an investment firm.     

Esther Kuhn, Board Member: 

Esther holds a BA and MDiv in Messianic Jewish Studies from The King’s University. She has nearly three decades of experience serving within various church, parachurch, and educational ministry contexts, and she is also a gifted worship leader.  

Kimberly Martin, Secretary:  

Kim is a Staff Accountant for a CPA firm in Dallas, TX. With over ten years of experience in accounting, tax filing, and other administrative roles, Kim oversees many aspects of Shiloh Media operations related to these areas of her expertise.