Few people are aware that Passover is the key to understanding the end times and the return of Jesus. The Passover King is an in-depth study of Bible prophecy that reveals the forgotten truth about Passover. Topics covered include: The Second Exodus Jesus will lead when he returns; God’s plan for Israel & the Time of Jacob’s Trouble; the relationship between Passover and the Gog of Magog prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39; Passover symbolism in the book of Revelation, and more. For those seeking a comprehensive understanding of God’s prophetic plan, from Genesis to Revelation, The Passover King is an excellent place to start. Purchase now on Amazon.


The 70 Weeks Jubilee is a thorough study of Daniel’s 70-weeks prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27. This book covers popular Jewish and Christian interpretations of Daniel 9 and makes a case that this text is a Messianic end-times prophecy. Topics covered include: The meaning of the Jubilee in its historical context and how this is related to Daniel 9; how the Essenes at Qumran interpreted the 70 weeks; what Gabriel revealed to Daniel about the timing of the Messiah’s first appearance in Israel; the 70-weeks prophecy in the teaching of Jesus, and more. Anyone interested in the book of Daniel will benefit from reading The 70 Weeks Jubilee. Purchase now on Amazon.