Upcoming Projects & Initiatives

Shiloh Media operates based on a 15-year content production and ministry plan. We focus on strategic projects that will help equip God’s people and reach those outside the faith, in preparation for the historic and prophetically significant days ahead.

The End Times According to Moses will be a seminary-level online course, which will include 15 hours of video lectures, PDF study guides, discussion questions, and digital slides. This study will focus on the key passages in Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy that reveal vital truths about the end-times, God’s plan for Israel, and the Second Coming of the Messiah. Many people who start studying biblical eschatology emphasize Daniel, Revelation, other portions of the New Testament, or various church traditions and theological systems. However, the true foundations of eschatology are in the Torah, and it is not until we understand the teachings of Moses on this topic that we can truly understand the writings of the later Hebrew prophets and New Testament authors. The End Times According to Moses will be a groundbreaking resource that will open up the Scriptures for God’s people in a completely new way and help them rightly divide the Word of Truth in the days ahead. Projected completion date: Fall 2024.

Paul told Timothy: “Do the work of an evangelist and fulfill your ministry” (2 Tim. 4:5). This notion that ministry is incomplete without a primary focus on evangelism is part of the core ministry philosophy of Shiloh Media. The John the Baptist Evangelism Initiative involves the production of 2-3 evangelism booklets, each one roughly 25-75 pages in length, that will contain some of the core Gospel truths that must be communicated to those outside the faith in order for them to experience saving faith in Jesus the Messiah. In the spirit of John the Baptist, our goal is to utilize these resources “to prepare the way of the Lord” (Mk. 1:3) prior to his second coming. They will be deployed in church ministry, street evangelism, and other online outreach contexts. Beginning stages: 2025

In December of 2021, Shiloh Media published our first book on the prophecies of Daniel, The 70 Weeks Jubilee, which covers Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy in Daniel 9:24-27. The Daniel Project is a broader initiative that includes a 15-hour seminary-level e-course called The Visions of Daniel. This course will cover the prophecies in Daniel 2, 7, 8, 9, & 10-12. In addition, we will also publish two book-length resources on the visions of Daniel. One will focus on Daniel 2 and the other will focus on Daniel 7-12. By the time this project is done, our goal is to have a complete suite of resources that will help God’s people study, understand, and apply the essential teachings in the book of Daniel. Projected completion date: 2026-2027.

We also have other books and online courses in the pipeline. Our third book will be published in early 2024, with announcements on that project forthcoming.